Markets of Provence

Discover the colorful and scented markets of La Cadière d’Azur and its surroundings. Here are the market days to find good Provencal products or simply to walk around.

Market of Provence:
Thursday morning on the main street
Yard sale : Sundays 29/03, 19/04, 10/05, 7/06, 13/09, 4/10 & 25/10/2020, parking Font d’Abeille.

Markets of Provence
La Cadière d’Azur & its surroundings

In the Var department

Le Beausset :

  • Market of Provence: Friday morning, little market Wednesday & Sunday morning in the center.
  • Yard sale : Easter Monday, Whit Monday, 15th of August, in the center.

Saint-Cyr-Sur-Mer :

  • Market : Sunday morning (big market) Gabriel Péri parking, Tuesday-Thursday-Friday morning
  • Farmers’ Market : from 1/05 to31/08 : at port d’Alon all mornings, at Quartier de la Gare Wednesday morning, at Madrague port Thursday morning only on summer.
  • Night Craft Market : all nights on summer at the old port of Lecques

Bandol :

  • Market : Tuesday morning, at the harbor, Quai de Gaulle.
  • Farmers’ Market : All mornings at Liberté Square, near the Church.
  • Potters’ Market : Easter W-E, Quai de Gaulle

Ollioules :

  • Market of Provence : Thursday & Saturday morning, Jean Jaurès Square

  • Farmers’ Market : Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 06 :00pm to 08 :00pm (from April to September) & from 05:00pm to 07:00pm (from October to March), close on public holidays, Quartier du Petit Plan –Gare Str.

Sanary-Sur-Mer :

  • Market : al mornings : market of Provence Allées D’Estienne d’Orves  / Flowers Market, Town Hall’s Square, back from fishing at the harbor (if the weather is good).
  • Craft Market : All nights on summer at the port.
  • Flea Market : last Saturday & 1st Sunday of the month, center / port.
  • Market of Provence : Wednesday morning at the port

La Seyne-Sur-Mer :

  • Market of Provence : all mornings except Monday in the old center.
  • Market : Friday morning, Esplanade Henri Bœuf (Sablettes).
  • Yard sale : All Sundays (05:30am to 02:00pm), B. Frachon Square.
  • Flea Market : the second Saturday of the month, Perrin Square
  • Night Craft Market : On Summer, Quai Ch. de Gaulle at Sablettes

Six-Fours-Les-Plages :

  • Market :   Tuesday morning, in the center Poilus Square/ V. Picareau Str., Saturday morning Poilus Square – Cauquière & Picareau Str., Sunday morning Quartier des Lones, Thursday morning at Brusc
  • Market of Provence: lundis l’été aux Embiez
  • Flea Market : Sunday mroning, contre Allées de L. de Tassigny.

Toulon :

  • Market : center of the city : all mornings (except Monday) Cours Lafayette, Lendrin &Roche Str., Blanc & Hubac Squares, Quartier Pont du Las, Quartier Mourillon 
  • Farmers’ Market : Friday & Saturday morning, Lendrin Str.
  • Brunet’s Market of Provence : Tuesday morning, Fiegenschuch Square
  • Yard sale : Sunday morning, Toulon east – Ste C. Deville Str.
  • Flea Market & Yard sale : 1st Saturday of the month at Mourillon

In the Bouches du Rhône department

Cassis :

  • Market : Wednesday & Friday morning, Baragnon Square, Gervais Str., Clemenceau Square, Arène Str.
  • Farmers’ Market : Saturday mroning, Clemenceau Square
  • Night Craft Market : All nights from 06 :00pm on summer, Baragnon & Clemenceau Squares

La Ciotat :

  • Market: Tuesday morning, Evariste Gras Square, Sunday morning at the old port.
  • Fishes’ Market : All morning at the old port
  • Flowers Market : 8th of May  from 08 :00am to 08 :00pm at the old port
  • Organic Market : Thursday from 03:30pm to 07:00pm, Maquisards Square
  • Night Craft Market : All nights on summer on the old port

Aubagne :

  • Farmers’ Market : Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday morning, Cours Voltaire
  • Potters’ Market, Argilla : every odd year, the next in 2021

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