Tourist tax and Hosting access

What is the Tourist Tax?

In short…

The taxe is due per person & per night.
Tourist tax will be added to the price of your stay. This tax will be collected by the accommodation provider you are staying at, on behalf of the Commune de La Cadiere d’Azur and the Conseil Départemental du Var.
This tax is based on type of accommodation and the number of people from the 1st january to the 31th december.


Municipalities or intermunicipals (own-tax EPCI) may ask vacationers staying in their territory for consideration to pay a tourist tax for a period determined by the deliberating body.
The revenue from the tourist tax is allocated to expenditure intended to encourage tourist traffic in a territory.
The department imposes an additional 10% tax on the tourist tax. The Region has created an additional 34% tax on the tourist tax since 1th January 2023.This additional fee is collected at the same time as the tourist tax.

Tax exemption

Are exempt from tax according to article L.2333-31 of CGCT :

  • Minor / people under 18
  • seasonal contractors employed on the Territory
  • people benefiting from an emergency housing or a temporary rehousing
  • people who occupy premises the rent of which is lower than 1€ per night regardless of the number of occupants..

What are the rates?

For any information, please contact “la Maison du Tourisme de La Cadière”
Phone: +33494901256 – Mail :


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